Experiences are free for every student, every year.


Theme: Transportation

Each year the Waterloo Schools Pre-k students and their teachers & parents take over one of the scheduled Snowflake Express trains to culminate all things transportation they’ve been studying.


Theme: Farm & Agriculture Experiences

Iowa is huge agriculture state so we start early exposing our students to local farms and all they have to offer. Students learn all about animals, crops, products and cool farm technology.

First Grade

Theme: My Waterloo

1st grade students spend the day learning all about Waterloo, its history and what it has to offer. They come away with a sense of pride and excitement about their hometown.

Second Grade

Theme: Ecologies

How do animals live and thrive, what foods do they eat and what temperature is best for them to survive are a few of the questions answered as our 2nd graders travel to the state capital to explore the state’s largest zoo.

Third Grade

Theme: Cultural Language Immersion

To expand our student’s world view we’ve partnered with the nearby Meskwaki Tribe to offer a look into the language, culture, food and rich traditions of the Native American culture.

Fourth Grade

Theme: Travel

Are we almost there? A question many young students ask because they haven’t quite grasped the concept of distance yet.  In partnership with the National River Museum and local touring boat companies, our 4th graders experienced cruising the Mississippi River and learning about commerce and travel of the famous river.  The trip is completed by a visit to the River Museum whose teachings compliment the lessons learned on the boat ride.

Fifth Grade

Theme: Environments

EnviroFest is truly a community effort.  Headed by the Soil & Water Conservation District, it is an environmentally themed STEM festival.  Students learn water conservation, geology and land preservation. 

In their 2nd peak experience, 5th graders took to the campgrounds of Camp Igwanis to learn all about outdoor fun and survival.  Fire-starting, animal print making and tent setups were a few of the fun stations included in the day.

Sixth Grade

Theme: Teamwork & Transitions

The transition to middle school can sometimes be challenging. Not only is it a new building but quite often, you’re meeting a lot of new classmates from other elementary schools. The 6th grade peak experience was created to ease that transition. By putting the new classmates with their new teachers and classmates in a learn environment, we were able to help create connections in a fun and relaxed environment.

Seventh Grade

Theme: Motion

Physics can be fun is what the 7th graders learned as they applied the lessons they learned on the law of motion on the ski slope. In partnership with Sundown Ski Resort in Dubuque, our students all got the chance to literally MAKE MOTION happen! We incorporated GoPro camera footage so that video viewers could also experience the slopes with our students.

8th-12th grades

Coming School year 20-21!