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As a community, we can help Waterloo students thrive.

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Inspired students.

Students get to discover what most sparks their curiosity.

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Engaged parents.

Parents are invited to join all LifeLab experiences with their kids.

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A better Waterloo.

Inspired kids with engaged parents are most likely to positively impact our community.

Waterloo Schools Iowa LifeLab Lessons Experience Community Partner Students Worldview

Too many kids have a narrow worldview.

Every student has a different story, a different upbringing, and a different view of the world. In cases where kids have lacked exposure, they may have missed out on an opportunity to discover what actually ignites their passion.

LifeLab is the experiential- and service-learning arm of Waterloo Schools and we believe that all students deserve to be introduced to settings that inspire their genius. We do this by layering what our teachers are teaching in the classroom with experiences that bring it all to life.

What does this actually mean?

It means that kindergarteners who have never been on a farm experience what fun it can be to milk cow.

It means that second graders who have never seen wild animals in real life get to imagine how exciting it would be to care for them close-up during a visit to the zoo.

It means that 8th graders who thought they may never have a voice in things that matter envision themselves as the leaders making an impact at the state capitol.

And, it means that seniors graduate with portfolios fourteen years in the making, so they’ll be ready for wherever their inspiration takes them next.

Help them imagine what’s possible.

LifeLab experiences Waterloo Schools Students Video

Experiences for every grade level.

From Pre-K to graduation, LifeLab experiences align with the curriculum students are learning in the classroom.

Our partners are changing lives.

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Waterloo Schools LifeLab Lessons Experience Unique Program

Our students are proud to be
part of the Waterloo community.

But, not quite as proud as we are to have them.
Deb Pullin Van Auken

Pullin Hampshires

“Our family was thrilled to share our family sheep farm with the kindergarten classes in the Waterloo Schools. Many of the children had never seen a sheep in person.  The engagement with the kids was fantastic, as we provided information about our animals and heard the awe, laughter, and squeals from the kids as our sheep interacted with them.

 We shared the experience on our farm Facebook page so that others in our industry could see what a worthwhile project this is, and the reaction was phenomenal. Not only did we spread positive information about initiatives in our school district, but we hope that we inspired other people in our industry throughout the country to seek out opportunities like this in their own school systems.”

Jeri Thornsberry

Chair, Black Hawk Soil & Water Conservation District

“I was so impressed with the energy of the students for their zeal for learning. I was astonished as the auditorium seats emptied out as almost as students rushed to the stage to participate—that is dance and move— to Water Rocks! These kids were so engaged with not only the energy in the room but the theme of the session.”

Jeri Thornsberry

Chair, Black Hawk Soil & Water Conservation District

Experiences are free for every student, every year.

All students automatically participate in their grade-level experience each year. Many parents choose to attend with their child year after year, too.

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3 Ways to Invest in Waterloo Students

Parent Updates

Stay Informed About New Opportunities

Click “Become a Community Partner” so you’ll be the first to know about new experiences and opportunities for your involvement.

Become an advocate!

Volunteer Community Partner Waterloo Schools Iowa LifeLab Experience

Volunteer to Help During an Experience

Several of our experiences require a few extra helping hands. You, or a group from your business, are invited to volunteer.

You can help!

Business Community Partner Waterloo Schools Iowa LifeLab Experience

Offer An Experience at Your Business

Invite an entire grade to visit your business or add an experience to a list that families can explore on their own.

We want to hear what’s on your mind!

Elements test Parents

Students in our school system get a competitive advantage.

Most students create a college portfolio in their senior year. Waterloo students’ portfolios are fourteen years in the making.

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At LifeLab, we know that you want students in our community to be prepared for the future. In order to do that, they need unique learning opportunities. The problem is, some lessons can’t be taught in the classroom and can only be gained with hands-on experiences.

We believe when kids love learning, it opens up opportunities for the future.

That’s why, from the very beginning of a Waterloo education, we team up with teachers, parents, and community partners, like you, to bring education to life in a way that will launch our kids into a future primed for success.

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